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Consultancy for Business

EASYPEASY can provide a wide range of solutions when there is an ICT matter that needs attention.

EASYPEASY is a Zyxel® partner. Zyxel® is a market leader in comprehensive networking solutions, security appliances & gateways. Their (inter)network security systems allow remote access from anywhere in a safe way. Working from a home office becomes just as secure as working in the actual office !

EASYPEASY and GrandStream® enjoy an intensive collaboration; GrandStream® manufactures award-winning IP voice & video telephony and video conferencing products. Voice over IP (VoIP) equipment uses the Internet, this technique makes a telephone call completely transparent and location independent. A softphone App can transform a cellphone in just another internal extension no matter where you are; improving availability and cutting cost.

EASYPEASY uses HIKvision cameras to secure properties and protect against unlawful entry.

EASYPEASY prefers to buy at large distributors/vendors. This allows for quick & complete solutions: specific advice, economical purchase of materials and worry-free implementation; all in one go.

EASYPEASY employees are Prince2® certified to ensure that all projects (big or small) are delivered successfully and in a timely manner.

EASYPEASY knowledge areas

Operating Systems
• Microsoft servers ◦ Windows Server 2016 ◦ Windows Server 2012 ◦ Windows SBS 2011 ◦ Windows SBS 2008
• Microsoft clients ◦ Windows 10 ◦ Windows 8 ◦ Windows 7

• wired/wireless • IP security/cameras • remote access (RAS) • virtual private networking (VPN)

• back-up • file sharing • NAS • Cloud


WWW techniques

EASYPEASY services

Interim infra management
• network operation • server administration • desktop support

Network realization
• network consultancy (wired/wireless) • network design • network installation • network optimization (configure firewall/router)

Project management
• general • technical

WWW development
• website build/design • website management